Why You Should Consider Matrimonial Investigations

An In-Depth Review Of Matrimonial Investigations

Private investigators are skilled in gathering information. They provide their services to a variety of people who are in search of evidence or facts to resolve financial disputes, personal matters, or legal questions. Private investigators sift through records, conduct interviews, and engage in surveillance in pursuit of the truth. Let us review some of the reasons why you may need a matrimonial investigator and the different strategies that these professionals adopt when unraveling mysteries.

Reasons to Hire a Matrimonial Investigator


One of the most common problems in marriages is adultery. Many matrimonial investigators are called to determine whether one’s spouse is involved in an extra-marital affair. The investigators are charged with monitoring the subject’s every move to confirm whether or not they are unfaithful. The evidence obtained from these investigations is admissible in court during divorce and child custody cases.


Apart from infidelity, you can hire a private detective to investigate the relationship between your spouse and their in-laws. It is no secret that mistreatment and harassment by in-laws is a common occurrence in many marriages. A private investigator can help you gather information regarding these actions which could enable you to save your marriage before it is too late.


There comes a time in a marriage when you develop suspicions regarding your partner’s activities. If your partner is secretive about why they are in debt, why they are stressed out, or what extra activities they engage in after work, you have reasons to fear for your security. The best way to get answers to these questions would be to hire a matrimonial investigator to track your partner’s whereabouts. The findings of these investigations are usually that your spouse is a gambler, drug addict, or is involved in some shady practices. Information from the investigations will help you persuade your husband to go for counseling or to notify the authorities in case they are embroiled in illicit activities.

Pre-marital Affairs

Often, you think you know someone only to realize later that they are different from what you took them to be. In matters involving marriage, getting into a marital contract with a person whom you barely know is setting yourself up for a future of constant surprises. The parents of a soon to be married individual are usually the first people to question the character and nature of the person their child wants to marry. In fact, in some cases, they go ahead and hire private investigators to gather information about the stranger who is about to join their family. The findings from these investigations are crucial in preventing you from marrying a person with questionable morals, or in erasing any negative suspicions about your future spouse’s integrity and values.

Strategies Used By Matrimonial Investigators

Private investigators employ some strategies to gather evidence for their clients. The most common methods are research and surveillance.


One of the core competencies of an investigator is conducting research. A private investigator uses background checks and cross-referencing to gather reliable information. Some of the research tools that investigators use include online databases, public libraries, personal property security registration search, land registry databases, divorce records, bankruptcy records, and corporate searches.


The primary forms of monitoring are fixed surveillance and stationary technical surveillance. In a fixed surveillance, the investigator observes the person of interest from a distance. On the other hand, stationary technical inspection is where an investigator has recording equipment and a hidden camera in a parked vehicle. The car is parked in a secluded area. This method is used to record video and photo images around the clock. Surveillance teams alternate shifts round the clock thereby minimizing the risk of getting noticed. This form of monitoring may be used for high profile cases like when investigating a government minister, or the manager of a reputable company.

Electronic Monitoring

Electronic monitoring is also known as wiretapping. It involves the surveillance of telephone and online communications. Private investigators cannot use this technique unless they have a court order. The court order may only be granted if there is proof that a crime is being, has been, or will be executed. Electronic monitoring within the context of matrimonial investigations may be used when gathering information against a spouse who is involved in criminal activities. This can act as compelling evidence to warrant a divorce or to grant child custody.

If you have reason to suspect your spouse of foul play or want to confirm your instincts about a person’s integrity, the best way to look into their conduct would be to hire a matrimonial investigator. While these services may come at a high cost, the satisfaction you get from finding out the truth is far much valuable.